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A Little Moment of Bliss

One summer when I was in college, I worked as an orientation leader giving tours and presentations to prospective students and their families. I not only worked full-time but also refused to let my first serious job interfere with my desire to attend summer concerts, hang out with friends, and dance until the wee hours of the morning.

It was a beautiful, if exhausting, time. So my favorite assignment was taking a group to the art museum on campus, which featured an interactive art display that summer. It was the best.

A low, cushioned table about 15 feet long was set up in the middle of the gallery. Every few feet, headphones poked up from the middle, inviting the attendees to lie down, close their eyes, and listen. People's heads would line up in a row in the middle while their feet hung off the side in either direction.

After giving my speech and releasing my group to wander around the gallery, I would lie down, grab a pair of headphones, and close my eyes while the world around me promptly fell away. After a short, delicious nap, I would collect my group and leave.

I don't even remember what I was listening to. It could have been music, a lecture, or the sound of the waves. I just remember that it was a lifesaver that summer. A little moment of bliss that restored my energy.

I was thinking about that art display this morning when I sat down to write my blog post. You see, I've been exhausted and craving a little pocket of rejuvenation again.

So rather than write a lengthy blog post, I'm going to treat you to a recent podcast interview I did on Creativity Uncovered. It's my way of recreating that interactive, relaxing experience. I invite you to lie down somewhere cozy, tune in, and close your eyes. If you stay awake, you'll hear all about:

  • my experience switching into a creative career,

  • how to listen to your inner voice, and

  • the importance of community to our success.

And if you fall asleep, that's perfectly fine. You can come back whenever you need a little restorative bliss. Enjoy, dear ones. You deserve it.

Photo of Amber Byers looking up and smiling on a pink background with the words: "Creativity Uncovered with Abi Gatling: How to change your career to better serve your creative self, featuring Amber Byers."

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