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One Word

Whether you set a New Year's resolution or not, this time of year offers a chance to reflect and reset. With the turn of the clock, we get a fresh start, a blank page, a chance to try again.

Everything is momentarily wiped off the slate and we pause for a breath before deciding how to forge ahead. What do you want to bring into your life this year?

Think of all the stuff you desire. Maybe it's a new dream or an old one that just won't quit. Then think about all the things that are no longer serving you—whether that's a habit, a relationship, or a job. Listen for a moment to your ideal life calling out to you. What is it saying?

If you could choose only one word to encapsulate all of those longings, hopes, decisions, and realizations for the coming year, what would it be?

My word is: hero.

Hero means recognizing my innate power, wisdom, and gratitude. It means letting go of blame, resentment, and unfairness, which is the realm of the victim.

If you want to explore these ideas, here's a little exercise to move from your victim story to your hero story. First, choose a theme in your life such as your money story or your love story. It's helpful if you choose an area of your life that you're struggling with right now.

Write your story as a victim first. It all began when . . . blame, blame, blame. Really let it all out: what happened to you, what has sucked, where you were unlucky, what wasn’t fair, what circumstances set you back, why you can’t get ahead, etc. Go ahead and complain, whine, and grump as much as you need to. Then release it by ripping it into tiny pieces or burning it.

Now you're ready to write your story as the hero. Start by acknowledging that despite whatever circumstances may have tried to hold you back . . . praise, praise, praise. Elaborate on: what you overcame, what’s right about this that you haven’t gotten until now, how you’re stronger, what you take from it that fuels your vision, etc. Use the language of choice to show how you took an active role in creating this story. If there was a gift or a reason for this, what would it be? Why was your experience perfect? Remember to trust your path . . . right where you are. Then either keep your story somewhere visible or share it with someone.

Gratitude and credit to: a friend of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex for the one word New Year idea and to Jen Aly for the victim and hero story prompts.

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