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A Love Note to My Perfect Skin

Have you ever wished for perfect skin?

You know, the air-brushed kind you see in magazines—completely free of blemishes and pimples?

I've heard the words "perfect skin" used together so many times, and it usually means the same thing. How our skin looks—especially the skin on our faces. The physical manifestation of a certain standard of beauty.

And maybe it's because my skin doesn't naturally fall into that definition of perfection or maybe it's my own reluctance to define myself so narrowly, but at some point I began to look for a different meaning. I just couldn't accept that so many people were walking around believing that their skin—their largest organ—was somehow imperfect.

So I reminded myself of the simple truth that if you don't like the game, you can always change the rules.

You can redefine what perfect means to you. So today I share a little love note that I wrote to my skin to illustrate the definition of perfect skin that I believe in.

Dear skin, you are perfect. Thanks for always holding me together and keeping me in one piece.

No matter what, you always protect me. You have never failed to keep my organs on the inside and the mud on the outside.

And even when you get hurt, you always heal and repair yourself just like new. What amazing, resilient, perfect skin I have!

I'm sorry for all the times I doubted you and let other people define your standard of perfection. Thanks for being there through thick and thin.

Yours truly,


Is there something in your life that you need to redefine? Perhaps you're holding on to an outdated definition that no longer fits you. I bet you're more perfect than you realize.

Maybe you're writing a story but worry that it's not perfect. Did you get the story that was inside of you onto the paper? How amazing!

Or maybe you're trying to become a better person and develop new habits. Did you take one step, however small, toward your new self today? Incredible!

Or maybe you really want to find someone to love. Remember that no matter what, wherever you go, you'll always have yourself with you. And that's a perfect person to love.

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