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A Little Self-Love

I grew up in a small town in rural Illinois where my elementary school only had thirteen kids in the class. So when I bought the box set of Valentine's Day cards, I always had extras left over. What did I decide to do with those extra cards? Naturally, I decided to write them out to myself. "To Amber, From Amber" and "To Amber, Love Amber."

I didn't realize that this was an odd thing to do until my mom or sister or someone pointed it out and said it was adorable in a kind of silly and cute way. At the time, I just thought it was a great use of extra cards. Now I think it was a great way to love myself. Yes, I would like to create a little piece of art just for myself! And in the spirit of self-love this Valentine's Day, here is a more recent piece of art I created. To me, with love from me.

(This was inspired by the book DIY Lettering by Dawn Nicole Warnaar.)

This Valentine's Day, how are you going to show some self-love? It can be something as simple as taking a hot bubble bath, reading a book, or slowing down to create some art. Not because you have some big project that needs to be painted or marketed or revealed to the world, but just because you have a few minutes to treat yourself to something as kind and gentle and inspiring as creating art for yourself. To You, With Love From You.

Happy Valentine's Day, my dear blog readers! Be kind to yourself.

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Amber Byers
Amber Byers
19 мар. 2020 г.

One thing that I dislike about this new blog is that you have to create an account in order to leave a comment. I would prefer that it were easier. But I did it (which also seems a bit redundant since I'm the owner of the site). Anyway, I thought I'd share this message I received from my sister after reading this post. "Happy Valentine's Day! And it was totally Mom who made fun of your self-addressed cards. Definitely not your super sweet big sister." So there you have it.

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