Developmental Editing

Providing professional guidance developing big picture themes such as content, character development, and plot; suggesting places to clarify the writing, improve the structure, and deepen the story.

We work with you to create the story that you want to write. We tailor our suggestions to meet your goals, so that your voice comes through clearly and powerfully.


Diversity Editing

Providing professional guidance in recognizing stereotypes; analyzing characters, themes, and ideas in light of gender, race, and body type; and assisting in creating an accurate portrayal according to your specific goals.

We recognize that writing is powerful and choosing the right words is crucial. We help you become the change you want to see in the world.

Organized Desk

Academic Editing

Assisting with the organization of academic content; clarifying your analysis; suggesting places to improve grammar and concise expression of ideas; editing thesis or dissertation in accordance with educational and ethical requirements.

Our founder and CEO, Amber Byers, has written and perfected many papers throughout her academic career. She received the highest grade in her class on her legal writing exam.


Writing Coaching

Providing gentle encouragement and professional guidance to reignite your passion for writing; assisting with overcoming writing blocks; understanding your unique voice in order to motivate you to tell the story that inspires you; providing accountability to meet your writing goals.

We meet you where you are—wherever you are in your writing journey—and work with you to identify and overcome the obstacles standing in your way.

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“Amber was very in tune with my vision and vested in helping me tell my story. This enabled me to realize my dream without changing the nuts and bolts of my story. Awakening Cocijo launched from dream to reality because of the positive feedback and motivation provided to me by Amber.” - Thomas J

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Topics include:

editing, writing, creativity, overcoming obstacles, being an artist, and living the life you imagined.


“Amber’s experience from her previous career as an attorney shines through in her presentations on writing. She is well spoken and knowledgeable. I look forward to future talks by this talented woman.” - Linda K