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Tadpole Press
100-Word Writing Contest

Curious how you can create a winning entry? Request feedback on your entry and we'll tell you what we love about your piece as well as ways to make it even better.

You get tips right from the source custom-tailored to meet our judges' expectations, help you hone your craft, and create the kind of entry that's selected as a winner in the Tadpole Press 100-Word Writing Contest.


It can be scary inviting another person into something as precious as your own writing. We get it. That's why our feedback is always given with empathy and a heavy dose of encouragement.

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“Amber's feedback on my 100-word story contest entry was enlightening, useful but most importantly, constructive. She identified pathways to more clarity and impact while maintaining an enthusiasm for what was strong about my piece, and expressing that in the critique.

I've taken many writing workshops that relied heavily on instructor favorites or biases, leaving students bewildered about their own writing paths and how their innate voices match up against "the greats." Not with Amber. She reads what you wrote and responds to it as an invested participant in your story, and only your story. That's refreshing.
Finally, I am a cancer patient (responding very nicely to therapy, thank you very much), and a queer person looking to speak more authentically to both realities. Feedback that recognizes these elements and seeks to nurture it is feedback worth more than any fee you pay to get it.”
~Jeffrey Bryant

Written feedback will be sent to the email address provided on the feedback request form within a few weeks. Please submit the form below.

Additional Details: Feedback is limited to entries that were submitted in the most recent contest. You may request verbal or written feedback.

Verbal feedback will be provided at a one-on-one phone session with one of our judges where you will have an opportunity to engage in a discussion and ask follow-up questions.

Feedback Request Form

Thank you!
We’ll be in touch shortly.

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