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When Your Heart Follows You

Hello, my dear blog readers! It’s been a long time. How are you? Can you believe it’s only been five and a half months since the pandemic caused us to quarantine and changed our lives so drastically? Seems like a lot longer to me.

Have you been following your heart these past months? Or have things slid off the rails a bit? I’ve always loved the saying “Follow Your Heart” whenever I’ve heard it in the past. It reminded me to listen to my inner voice, believe in myself, and go after it. To jump aboard that really exciting train that’s approaching instead of standing on the platform and watching it go by.

But since life got upended, I have been called upon to learn new ways of doing things, figure out how to continue during challenging times, and forge new paths both in my personal and professional life. And sometimes when you’re so busy learning and growing and staying afloat and soaring, the thought of also following your heart feels a bit distant perhaps. Unattainable at the moment. You have that idea for a really good story, but the pressing matters of day-to-day life sap your energy and ability to follow your heart and see where that story leads.

What brought me a lot of comfort when I thought about this was the idea that maybe, just maybe, it’s okay when you don’t have the time or energy to follow your heart. Maybe your heart will also follow you and give you another shot. Maybe your heart and your dreams and you are all trains, going in so many different directions. They’ll cross paths again. It’s not a onetime thing after all. You missed your stop. It’s okay. You’ll get the next one. And maybe, just maybe, your heart will be making a U-turn and coming back around, trying to find you as soon as it realized you didn’t board.

#FollowYourHeart #NoPressure #ItsAllGood

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