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Finding Balance

One thing I've been learning the past few years is how to find the right kind of balance. When I first left the law, I knew I needed to improve my health because all of that stress had really knocked me off balance and wiped me out.

So I began to focus on three main areas of my life that I call my holy trinity: good food, good sleep, and good exercise. I chose anti-inflammatory foods, a consistent bedtime at night, and just the right amount of exercise. I learned that too much exercise can reduce my stress in the moment but take a toll on my body in the long run, so there were some times when I had to cut back and other times when I needed to work out more.

Just focusing on these three areas helped me feel happier and more energetic. There were of course times when I'd forget and have to remind myself to refocus on good food, good sleep, and good exercise again. And then I'd remember and improve.

Fast-forward to last year, which just overloaded me with stress. After months of unemployment and a worldwide pandemic, I realized that there's more to my holy trinity. In fact, there's another whole layer that includes: good work, good thoughts, and good relationships. From that realization, I began to write positive affirmations in addition to my daily gratitudes. I signed up for Yale's free course on happiness. And eventually I dove back in to my work.

Underneath that layer, of course, my original trinity remains. Finding the right balance of good food, good sleep, and good exercise is a constant practice. Part of that practice for me was taking a solid two months off of my regular workouts to rest due to a neck injury this spring.

But I'd already signed up to participate in an athletic competition this summer. So I competed in the CG Games last Saturday. I knew I wasn't at my peak fitness level because of my injury and all the stress from last year. But I went anyway and it was awesome!

Just like the last time I did it two years ago, everyone was completely encouraging to each and every athlete, regardless of their fitness level. The energy was contagious. And I surprised myself with how well I did, finishing right in the middle of my previous two times.

My friends who made the whole event so much more fun: my fellow CG athlete Sarah and our trainer Patrick.

It was such a great way to kickstart this Olympic season and get pumped up to not just watch incredible feats of athletic performance, but also to compete in my own.

What area of your life needs the most balance right now? Send me a message or leave a comment below. And if you'd like to focus on good exercise, here are two opportunities that have both virtual and in-person options:

Soul Tree Yoga: New student special includes 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $20.

Camp Gladiator: Come check it out for 1 week FREE.

Remember, you don't have to be perfect. Finding your balance is a constantly evolving process.

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Amber Byers
Amber Byers
Oct 22, 2021
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